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Over 50's Series

on Fri Mar 02, 2018 4:03 pm
Over 50's Daiwa Orchill series 2018

First of all thank you to Daiwa ( Dave McCauley ) for your continued support for us old folk.
It will be very much the same as last years series, best five results from six matches, sectional points will decide the winner and in the case of a draw overall weight will be used to decide winner.

Dates of matches : 29/4/18, 13/5/18, 10/6/18, 22/7/18, 12/8/18 and 30/9/18.

If you are 50 on or before the first match you are eligible to fish, there is a £20 deposit required to be paid before the end of March to either Tony Ball or myself. The peg fees of £48 are to be paid to Andrew on or before the morning of the first match.
We will decide on section sizes when we know the final numbers, the optional pools will be £10 and will be paid out in sections 1st and 2nd.
All prizes will be vouchers redeemable through JB angling.

If you would like to fish please add your name to the list.

John Perella. £20. Paid
Ronnie Ogilvie. £20 Paid
Paul Bryson £20 Paid
Don McLean £20 Paid
Nigel Faulds £20. Paid
Alan Colon. £20 Paid
Mark Gleave. £20. Paid
Tony Ball. £20. Paid
Jim Craig. £20. Paid
Margaret Hamilton. £20. Paid
Russell Davies. £20. Paid
Bill Hamilton. £20. Paid
Colin Burges. £20. Paid. ( Tony )
Jim Jones. £20. Paid
William McMillan
Sandy McKay £20 paid
Dave Minard. £20. Paid. ( Tony)
Martin McLaren. £20. Paid. ( Tony )
Brian Docherty snr £20. Paid. ( Tony )
Jim. Gallagher. £20. Paid. ( Tony )
Tommy Lauriston. £20. Paid
Ross. Duncan. £20. Paid. ( Tony )
Dougie Campbell. £20. Paid. ( Tony )
Ricky Pentland. £20 Paid. ( Tony )
Jim Hillhouse. £20. Paid.
Ian Sloss. £20. Paid. ( Tony )
Bill Bright. £20. Paid. ( Tony )

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Re: Over 50's Series

on Sun Mar 04, 2018 11:15 am
glad to see some people are finding the forum.. hopefully no problems this time
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