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ORCHILL Series final match Empty ORCHILL Series final match

on Mon Sep 03, 2018 7:37 pm
Orchil Series 2018 Matchday 6 of 6 2nd September 2018 + Final Series Results.

Matchday 6

Between Injuries, Football, Pot Hunting, Holidays and Under the Thumb of FPO (Fishing Permission Officer ) You know who you are the field was reduced to just 13 anglers out of the 20 entrants.

The Pegging on the day was a Section of 7 + a Section of 6 with max Penalty points set at 6 and 7 for DNW + 10 for DNF.

Section A - Pegs 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46 and 48 ( 2 end Pegs 36 and 48 )

Section B - Pegs 51, 53, 0, 2, 4 and 6 ( 4 End Pegs 51, 53, 0 and 6 )

The weather was dry with gusting winds for the first 3 hours of the match and moderate winds for the remainder. It was T-shirt weather even when the winds were blowing. It had been cold overnight.
At the draw, the Main contenders each got an end peg.
It was the battle of the Big two for first and second places assured in The Series, Virtual Leader Scott McGhee on Peg 36 Section A v Matt Waugh Virtual 2nd place on Peg 0 Section B.

The Battle for 3rd and 4th places assured was between John Perella Peg 53 Section B who was in Virtual third place and Dave Minard who was on Peg 51 (Section B) in Virtual 4th place.

They were both on end pegs adjacent to each other. Not only a fishing battle but also a battle of mind and willpower. They also had Matt Waugh in their Section for the company.

All to fish for and there were a lot of battles to fill the Top 10 places.

Daiwa had sent up the prizes and there was something for all who had taken part in the Series with the selections in finishing order + all selected prizes for those missing. There were no special prizes for FPOs added one wise guy.

Down to the fishing and the Snake Lake took its revenge on those who had fished it throughout the Series. Now it was Tony Ball who brought this on so why punish us, Mr Snake Lake. Bites were hard to come by and believe it or not the angler with the lowest weight who caught had more fish than any other angler on the day. Take a Bow Bill Hamilton 30 micro perch for 10ozs. Where there is a Bill there is a way please take note Sandy and Ross.

Section A

Over the first 3.5 hours, there was a clear leader in Darrin Ferguson. Alas, the match is over 5 hours and Scott McGhee threw caution to the wind and went to the bridge looking for the elusive Carp. They were there in numbers. A good pole test as even with black hydro Carp were splashing around on the surface in Peg 35 the other side of the bridge have swam off under the bridge.

Scott threw caution to the wind and kept at his task of extraction carp from the Snake and putting them in his net. He weighed 41Lbs-6ozs to take both the Section A win and the Overall Match Win. That left Matt Waugh needing to win his Section will way over 100Lbs to prevent Scott from winning the Series.

Grant Clark also jumped on the band wagon and began catching carp. The thing was that Grant had no bridge. Grant extracted 17Lbs-13ozs to his net which gave him an easy second place in Section A. Darrin held on to 3rd place weighing 8Lbs-5ozs. It was hard for Sandy and Ross as they didn't have a bite between them all day.

Section B

Like Section A it was very hard over the first 3 hours of the match. In the 0 to 6 Pegs area after 2 hours Matt (0) had 2 Carp, Scott (2) had 3 carp, Tommy (4) had 1 carp and Jimmy (6) 1 Carp. It was the last 1.5 hours the section came to Life and it was Jimmy Jones Peg 6 who had 8 margin Carp for 28Lbs-11ozs that took the Section win.

Dave Minard on Peg 51 was close to Jimmy and only missed out by 1 fish weighing 24Lbs-13oz for 2nd in Section. A first in Section would have given Dave 3rd Place.

Matt Waugh weighed in 17Lbs-7ozs which gave him third place in the Section and 2nd Place in The Series. A great result but disappointing to Matt as he had a perfect start over the first 4 matches. The experience will make him a better angler. It's all a big learning curve.

John Perella before the weigh-in started thought he had blown it for 3rd place presuming he was last in the Section. Not to be as Scott Macher and Tommy Laurison had bad days allowing John a 4th place which took the Series 3rd place on Weight from Dave Minard.

Series Result:

What can we say about Scott McGhee.He has done all his own talking on the Bank. He was a late entry to The Series joining after the first match had been fished incurring the dreaded 10 penalty points for starters. His only aim to win and he required to fish like a Demon and win his Section every match.

His first match he drew Peg 52 and took the section win + The Match win weighing 76Lbs-12ozs more than 16 Lbs in front of his closest rival who was Matt Waugh.

His Second match he drew Peg 47 and took the section win + The Match win weighing 46Lbs-8ozs by just 10ozs again from Matt Waugh.

His Third match he drew Peg 1 and took the Section win with 50Lbs-7ozs. He was overall 3rd with Matt Waugh talking the Overall Match with 65Lbs-6ozs and Dave Minard 2nd with 64Lbs-12ozs However his aim was achieved.

His 4th Match he drew Peg 2 and took the Section Win + The overall Match win with 72Lbs-12ozs just 3ozs in front of John Perella.

His 5th Match he drew Peg 36 and took the Section win and overall match win with 41Lbs-6zs by over 12Lbs from Jimmy Jones who was in second place.

A great Series-winning performance and well worth of the trophy considering he only fished 5 of the 6 matches.

Matt Waugh in Second place puts him right on the Map as it was an excelent performance over the Series beating John Perella and Dave Minard who are hard to beat over a Series of matches.


Firstly a big thanks to Andrew and his staff for the exclusive use of the outer aspect of the Snake Lake when required. Depending on numbers we give areas back. Also for the weigh ins and use of The Cabin.

I was running this Series along with Darrin Ferguson who's sole job I think was to transport me there. If I have missed out any other input he has done he will remind me, you can be certain of that.

I have a deal with John Perella that I do the Photographing and results service and him and Ronnie Ogilvie does the Admin on the day + collating who's fishing. Thanks, guys.

Big Thanks to Daiwa for their sponsorship trebling the prize fund and on this occasion sending up the prizes to the Fishery. All anglers appreciate Daiwa's input which is very generous.
Finally a big well done to all who took part and kept us notified if fishing or not, the Series ran like clockwork.

Lastly to Mark Gleave's FPO. Mark never does anything of note and never features in the reports. Your input on his newly created Facebook Page telling us he wasn't fishing cause it was your birthday was priceless. Welcome to the Banter Mark.
Well done to all the winners throughout the Series. This is the Final one that I will be running and it was a pleasure to do so. I keep my options open to fish next year if I feel like it.

Tommy Lauriston.
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