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Orchill series match 5

on Tue Aug 21, 2018 8:29 am
Result: Daiwa / Orchill Series 2018 Matchday 5 of 6 19th August Orchill Snake Lake.

Through work commitments, injuries and family illnesses the field was depleted to 13 anglers for today's match. As always we were made aware of everyone not attending so the Pegging could be planned.

It was decided that two Sections would be the order of the day. They were pegged as follows.
Section A: 37-39-41-43-45 and 47 (6) Pools 1st £40 and 2nd £20
Section B 51-53-0-2-4-6 and 8 (7) Pools 1st £40, 2nd £20 and 3rd £10
The maximum penalty points on the day 6 (catch) 7 DNW and 10 DNF

There was a hunger about the place as the anglers sat about the Cabin, not to go fishing, just the fact that the Sandwich Girl was not fishing. That changed the place completely as with Andrew getting his Breakfast from Elizabeth poor Don had to go to Perth to find a cooked breakfast and was one of the last to arrive on site.

Tommy sat awaiting the draw with anticipation as the back wall didn't feature so he was certain to be pegged closer to millionaires row. The End Pegs which there were 6 went to Peg 37, Russell Davies, Peg 47 JEPP (Not only an end peg but a consistent Match Winning Peg.) Peg 51 Derek Relly, Peg 53, Matt Waugh, Peg 0, Jimmy Jones and Peg 8 Tommy Lauriston.

Looking back on the Veterans match the previous day and evaluating the End Pegs the following was the form. Peg 37, the winner was on 36. Peg 47 the second was on Peg 46. Pegs 51, 53 and 0 had fish but very so so. Peg 8 only had a 1Lb of small silvers.

As always every day on a fishery is different and it was up to the anglers to put in their keepnets fish and as many as possible, the name of the game, excuses of how many losses do not count.

The match was fished from 11am till 4pm and the weather was far kinder than the previous day with just some rain whilst setting up and no wind of any note. Come to the weigh-in we would see what damage had been done to those taking part as the battle for first and second place Waugh v Mcghee and for 3rd and Perella v Minard. Both sets of Gladiators had drawn the same sections so Fish on.

Section A
Jepp had a great advantage and it was a case of him fishing to put a better weight advantage between him and Dave. Dave was up against it and his main aim was to damage limitation and fish for second place.

Both anglers are real pro's when their heads are down and John as Predicted swept to an easy win weighing 72Lbs-9ozs. His first net was 39Lbs-10ozs and his second 32Lbs-13ozs, a good days fishing anywhere.

Dave's battle was nip and tuck between him and Scott Macher going at it fish for fish and as always Dave was of the opinion that Scott had beat him. Dave was that confident that he didn't have his photo taken after weighing in 18Lbs-4ozs.

Scott Macher pulled his nets and it was one weigh and the scales registered 18Lbs-5ozs which gave Scott 2nd place by the margin of one ounce. Dave was in third place. Dave knows best.

Section B
Matt Waugh was the first contender to weigh and knew that he hadn't done very well. The scales registered 36Lbs-2ozs so it was a case of wait and see. Next to weigh was Jimmy Jones who had 45Lbs-11ozs to lead the section but all knew that Scott McGhee had easily won the section and was weighing next.

Scott had estimated 70Lbs from the end of the match and the first net weighed 40Lbs-7ozs and that left him requiring 32Lbs-3ozs to take the overall victory. His second net weighed 32Lbs-5ozs to give him a 3oz margin of victory in the Overall match and an easy Section win.

Darrin Ferguson from Peg 6 weighed 51Lbs-2ozs for an overall 3rd place and 2nd in Section. That only left Tommy to weigh in his 8 fish 40Lbs for a weight of 40Lbs, a not bad average.

When the dust settled it was down to the Cabin for a laugh and some fishing banter before making our way home to take in all the other fishery scores on the door.

Well done to all who took part especially the framers in each section. Get well soon to all our absent friends.

I have changed the League Table to a Virtual League showing all how they stand after excluding their poorest match. Feel free to check all figures and PM me any changes you see needing to be made.

All to fish for with a battle for first and second and a battle for 3rd and 4th and a scramble to see who can fill the remaining prize places. Andrew is in receipt of all the prizes from Daiwa. Thanks to the Fishery and Staff for all their assistance on the day.

Tommy Lauriston.
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